Friday, May 18, 2007

i2i Headrest Product Review

Back in February I wrote about a new headrest for when nothing else works. The i2i Headrest, from Stealth Products, was well worth the wait.

My student who is using loves it, her mom loves it, the OT loves it, the SLP loves it, the PT loves it, the paraprofessionals love it and I love it. It is an i2i love affair.

She has the i2i with the (washable) fleece cover, which we then cover with (pink and purple) fuzzy socks to keep clean. Since using it she is eating a bit better, able to use her AAC device without one of use holding her in mid-line to prevent her head from getting caught under the headrest and is no longer needing a bus monitor immediately next to her to hold her in position during travel. We have even noticed less dislodging of her hearing aids with this headrest versus her previous headrest.

The only aspect of the i2i that has taken a little getting used to is the "flip down" manner in which you move the system out of the way to do transfers and positioning. You have to be ready to support the users head and get into position to lift the user the second you flip down the headrest. Once you get used to this procedure it is second nature in preparing a transfer.

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