Friday, May 4, 2007

Product of the Day: Velcro Picture Paper

Velcro Brand Picture Paper is photograph paper for your inkjet printer that already has Velcro (the hook side) on the back. It will stick to Velcro receptive materials! Imagine printing your picture symbols on this and not having to gunk up your scissors with cutting the squares of Velcro and not spending all that time sticking on the Velcro to the backs of the symbols. Mayer-Johnson and similar companies sell it for $10.00 for a 12 sheet pack, but you can find it online and in some local office or photography supply stores for less than nine dollars a dozen.

Hopefully you already are using the "soft stays" mnemonic to remember to out the soft (loop) side of the Velcro on the wall, in the communication notebook or on the device and the hard (hook) side on the items that "move", e.g. the symbols.

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