Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Yesterday, working with my classroom speech therapist, we set out to find a keyguard for our student's Dynavox DV4. We need a new keyguard because we are switching her to a different number of buttons on each page. Mostly my internet search was to get a price, but instead I was thrilled to discover that FRS Solutions is now selling Dynavox DV4 and MT4 keyguards that are inset and flush with the screen ($150.00). This will solve one of our chief problems with this student and her DV4, that of her fingers getting stuck between the (old) keyguard and the screen. Long story short: I put in a purchase order for the FRS DV4 Keyguard this afternoon.

Since I can't be the only one with a need for keyguards on communication devices and computer input technology I thought I would post about companies that make or sell keyguards.

The first place to check for availability of keyguards is the vendor of the device or keyboard, i.e. Prentke-Romich carries keyguards for all of its AAC devices. Next check out the popular assistive technology vendors in your area, this is especially true for keyguards made for standard keyboards, Alphasmart devices and Intellikeys.

For example these vendors carry standard, Alphasmart and/or Intellikeys keyguards:
and Turning Point Technology (USA) carries an array of readily available keyguards, plus quite a few special Intellikeys keyguards for certain children's software. They also have a trial rental program.

A select few companies (outside of manufacturers) carry keyguards for AAC devices or make custom keyguards:

See here for an introductory article about keyguards.

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