Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Comic Books for Social Stories

While at CEC I saw many social stories created in the twenty dollar program "Comic Life" (available win and mac). I loved the idea of creating social stories with photographs in a comic strip set-up but I was constantly thinking about all of the free comic book creation sites online (like My Comic Strip, Make Beliefs Comix, ToonDoo and more). Why was there not a free web 2.0 application that made comic books with photographs that could be used for this purpose?

Finally I found two online (with a little help from Go 2 Web 2.0). PikiKids and Comiqs. They may not be as fancy as Comic Life (I don't know I have never used Comic Life), but it does the job. I haven't had any time to really try these out (also comic based social stories aren't really appropriate for any of my current students), but I hope that you all will check them out and comment on how it goes.

Sample (not a social story, just a sample) of Comiqs:

The Sippy Cup from Jimslam on Comiqs

And here is a random sample from PikiKids (note that while this does not have speech bubbles you CAN put speech bubbles in):
a comic strip!

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