Saturday, April 26, 2008

Email for Everyone

Free E-mail Programs

Pay E-mail Programs
  • I Can Email by RJ Cooper (simple audio e-mail program)
  • Qualimail (text based, scanning, accessible e-program)
  • Inter_com by Mayer Johnson (appears to be taken off the market)
  • The Grid 2 (built in SMS texting, fully accessible)
  • Cog Link (for those with intellectual disabilities)
Intergrated E-mail and AAC

E-mail Groups for AAC Users and Friends

Downloadable Resources about E-mail
Why not? Some software that should have "send in an email" or other email options:
  • Boardmaker with Speaking Dynamically Pro 6
  • Classroom Suite 4
  • Clicker 5
Get on it you techie folks at MJ, Intellitools and Crick!

*My classroom uses and loves Gab Mail. We e-mail other students and teachers in classrooms, parents, friends and even our case managers at DMR. Some students use it with AAC and some use their voices. Seriously, Gab Mail rocks!

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