Friday, April 4, 2008

Dan and his Eco

This is Dan, he is 34 years old and he lives a few towns over from me here in Massachusetts. I met him today at CEC where he was demonstrating his PRC Eco AAC device. It turns out that Dan was a former student of my boss; he had a big grin on his face when I asked him about her.

I wanted to interview Dan for my blog (and he REALLY wanted to be interviewed), but we kept getting interrupted because he needed to demonstrate his device for everyone. The one thing Dan wanted me to be sure I told everyone is that he is a composer. He was a big part of the creation of some of the music software that came out of Massachusetts Hospital School a few years ago.

This is Dan's Eco AAC device. He runs it with head tracking using the headband he is seen wearing above. He is an excellent user, having no problem with the PRC representative changing the types of images (to and from an enhanced set of images) on him. He uses the Unity (Minspeak) system of language compaction in addition to some spelling of words as needed. I even watched him go into the editing pages to change his age, since his birthday was pretty recent. Here are links related to Dan.

More about the Unity software in Dan's Eco AAC device (this slide show was created by PRC - not me):

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