Tuesday, October 28, 2008

1,2,3, Go! Help us learn! (and a comment contest)

We need you!

Do you value what you read here? Help us out.

Do you come to this blog when you have questions? Help us out.

Ever had an aha moment, found something to use in your setting or smiled while visiting here? Help us out.

Only 13 days left to fund Chat, Gossip, Discuss - AAC Products for a Special Needs Classroom $919.00 needed

Only 26 days left to fun Can You Hear Me Now? - Learning Assistance for Kids with Hearing Impairment $272 need

Please, please, please help us out! Both the hearing impair grant and the AAC grant are desperately needed by my students. If this blog is supposedly worth $14,000 because of the quality of information it provides, then I am hoping $1200 can be raised to fill these grants. That's just twelve people giving $100, 24 people giving $50, 48 people giving $25. With 300-700 visitors a day, this CAN happen, but don't assume someone else will make it happen. Please click on the link and help us get our grant.

I have several other grants online as well, but they have no or very little funding yet and I would prefer push these ones through because they have partial funding that will be lost if the grant isn't fully funded by the expiration date. One grant proposal for switches just died partially funded. Very sad.

By the way, would threats work? What if I threatened NO NEW POSTS until the grants are FUNDED! Nah, not my style.

How about this, a contest! I will electronically deliver a set of Boardmaker Boards of your choosing (either in .BM2 or PDF format) to anyone who comments on this entry, preferably commenting to say they donated to a grant above. You can choose from AAC boards or books, dynamic display communication board sets, curriculum materials, behavior materials, anything I have. One winner will be chosen at random in 26 days.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Kate- donated $10 the other night- sorry it couldn't be more.


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