Wednesday, October 29, 2008

No Faking

Today we instituted a new classroom rule: No Faking!

We had a class meeting and discussed what faking is, including pretending to sleep, saying you have to go to the bathroom when you really just want to leave the room for a break, acting like you are crying to get your own way.

No faking!

Over the course of the day it became both a mantra and a joke. One young lady found it very amusing when she repeatedly requested the restroom minutes after she returned and instead of telling her that she just went we held up our "No Faking!" sign and said, "Ut-oh, a faker!" Another was not so amused when she pitched a fit because she didn't want to do her work and she was handed the "No Faking!" sign while we ignored the behavior (90 seconds later she was asking for more work, tantrums are pointless without an audience).

During afternoon discussion we talked about our day off on Tuesday for the election and one of the paraprofessionals shared that she had received an e-mail claiming all kinds of lies about one of the candidates. We decided that the world would be much nicer if everyone, especially politicians, lived by our, "No Faking!" rule.

Tomorrow's new rule? Save the drama for your Mama.

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE IT!! This is such a great strategy. Takes all the power out of the argument.


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