Friday, October 17, 2008

The New ChatPC Silk

Saltillo has released a sixth version of the ChatPC called the ChatPC Silk. Like all of the ChatPC line it is a high quality, hand held speech generating device. Some of the features of the new ChatPC Silk are a larger screen (4"diagonal), a lighter weight (12.5 oz) and new options for the speech syntesizer including Loquendo and NeoSpeech (you can still get Dec Talk with the child voice). Three models are available the Silk Standard, the Silk Plus and the Silk Dedicated Device. The first two models are open and allow access to all of the operations of the handheld, the third is a closed system for medicaid/care billing.

Several different preprogrammed page sets are availble from a 16 location basic or primary school edition to a the VocabPC for symbol users and the PalmChat system for emerging and literate users. Four symbols sets are available: Mayer-Johnson PCS, Imagine Symbols, Unlimiter Symbols (also known as Ping Pong Boy) and Clarity.

The device costs in the $3,000-$3,500 dollar range depending on configuartion.

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