Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Online AAC

In a conversation online about AAC adaptables (using off the shelf products adapted to become AAC products) someone mentioned this new site, Alexicom, which offers online access to AAC. A while ago, in the UK, a speech therapist set out to do the same thing with Enouncer. Both products seem to be in their early stages and Enoucer seems to have stalled, although I hope it bounces back.

Web based AAC seems to be a logical step in our Web 2.0 world, but I worry about the limits, especially as two years in a row, in two different buildings, I have been without internet access. What would my students do if their AAC was web based?


  1. That is why Alexicom can work off-line too. You can create your pages on a computer that has internet access then save them on that computer or on your flash drive and use them on a computer that doesn't have internet. It's very flexible!

  2. That is why Alexicom works off-line too. You can save your pages in your computer to use when you don't have internet access. It is very flexible!


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