Monday, May 11, 2009

Memorial Video for Stacey Ahern

It was my intent to post a memorial for my sister on March 20th, one year after her death, but I just wasn't ready. Today our brother, an Autism Specialist in Hawaii, sent me Sissy's Song by Alan Jackson and the spirit moved me. Searches for my sister's name are about 9% of the visits to this site

Our sister Stacey was a remarkable young lady. She was a disability activist and a gifted writer who over came the odds again and again. When told she would never walk, use her hands or speak she went to go on to do all of those things. When told she may never live on her on and that she would certainly never finish community college she not only lived on her own and finished community college; she also transferred to the prestigious Sarah Lawrence College in New York and, two months after her death last March, received her diploma. That was in spite of an in ability to write by hand (imagine taking math or econ without writing by hand) and a speech disorder. She was also a writer.

You can read about her here:


  1. Just a quick message to say how much I enjoyed reading about your sister. You and your family must be so proud of her achievements.

  2. Kate,this moved me deeply. I found your blog long after your sister had passed away so I didn't know anything about her. She was clearly a very unique young woman who touched many lives. I wonder if she learned some of that from her own sister? *smile*

    I've been thinking aboutyou since I got your email (hope you got my reply!) and wondering how you were. Sending hugs and warm wishes as you remember and honor your sister's memory.


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