Saturday, May 30, 2009

Resources for this Week's News-2-You: Kobe and LeBron

On the Web:
Adaptive Technology:
  • Basketball Jars/Bottles - using large clean clear plastic jars or bottles (i.e. mayo, peanut butter water bottle or new dollar store jars) make Basketball sensory jars. Option one: offer students small objects to sort into "you find it at a basketball game" or "you don't find it at a basketball game" include things like a small toy basket ball, pieces of a cut up net/hoop, pop corn, a mini sneaker, cheerleader pom pom, etc. once objects are sorted put into jar and hot glue the lid on. Option 2: fill a water bottle with 10 parts water or clear corn syrup. Add beads and confetti from the craft or party store in a basketball theme. Hot glue the lid on and shake away. Sensory Bottles Link.
Adapted PE:
  • Play table top pong pong basketball
  • Play trash can basketball (with or without one of those little clip on hoops you can get at discount stores) or another version of adapted basketball
  • Have a basketball obstacle course which includes skills appropriate to your population (bouncing, dribbling, lift the ball over head, pass the ball, roll the ball, etc.)
  • Play other ball games with a basketball (instead of hot potato play burning basketball, etc.)
Arts and Crafts:

Life Skills:
  • work on personal information by making "Basketball Trading Cards" that include name, birth date and other "stats"

  • while playing any of the adapted PE games or Hoop Stars online keep score and work on counting, adding or probability
  • recruit some peer buddies to have a shoot out, again work on counting, adding and probability
  • collect various objects about half of which are spheres and half of which are not sort them into "ball" and "not ball"
Don't forget to check Adapted Learning and Classroom Suite Sharing for activities. Join the Adapted Learning News-2-You Group if you make Boardmaker, Boardmaker Plus or Boardmaker SDP News-2-You activities. (You must login in to Adapted Learning and then click on link.)

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