Friday, May 22, 2009

New Basic Skills and Switch Accessible Activities at HiYah and Help Kidz Learn

Both Help Kidz Learn and HiYah have posted new basic skills and switch activities on their sites. Just in time for those end-of-the-school year blahs.

Help Kidz Learn has an Early Mouse Movements activity that also works with touchscreen, interactive whiteboard and was super fun on a Tablet PC with stylus for us. It can be set the color changes as you go over the paint spots and you can set it to have additional music or sound effects to add to the fun.

Help Kidz Learn also added a two player switch curling game with is higher level than many of their switch activities both in switch skills and in cognitive ability, but is a nice addition to the library of activities they have online.

Finally Help Kidz Learn has added a textless animated story called How We Used to Wash.

HiYah offers simple spacebar (or switch set to spacebar) programs about basic concepts for download or play online. They have recently redone many of there basic language programs (such as their nouns series) and added some new programs including: Spring, Yummy Tummy, The Earth Last!, Happy 4th of July, Colors-Basic, and Opposites-Basic.

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