Sunday, January 13, 2008

Black Armbands and Ribbons with Hearts

CAN Do, a group that works towards abuse prevention and intervention for people with disabilities posted a notice today calling for people to wear black armbands in memory of Brent Martin. Brent Martin was a man with intellectual and psychiatric disabilities who was murdered for sport in Britain by a gang of teenage boys who wagered they could know him down with one punch and then proceeded to chase, corner and assault him. The trial of his murderers continues.

Another trial continues here in the USA, Katie McCarron's non-custodial mother is on trial for suffocating her with a plastic. Katie McCarron was a three year old who had autism. Autism Vox has been covering the McCarron trial and reports that pink ribbons with hearts are being distributed in memory of Katie.

Such murders are nothing new, for example there was the 1993 murder of 12 year old Tracy Latimer which created an international uproar.

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