Friday, January 11, 2008

One a Month

I have been "tagged" by another blogger to create a list of the first line of a post from each month of 2007. So here are 12 first sentences from 12 of the 271 posts in 2007:

January: I believe my students have the right to be exposed to the same curriculum as others their age, maybe not at the same level of complexity but the same topics.

February: If it's their voice it should always be with them.

March: Sorry for the post paucity, but I have been at the 4th Annual International Association of Positive Behavior Support Conference.

April: I never cease to be amazed that after 30, 50, 75, 100, 120 posts to this blog there are still amazing, free resources... .

May: At this time of year. . . we may be turning our attention to the best ways to pass on information about our students to the next teacher.

June: Today saw the 5000th visit to my blog since its inception in November of last year.

July: In the primary grades there has been a movement towards M.O.O.S.E. (Management of Organizational Skills Everyday) Notebooks.

August: Do we need technology for this?

September: Over the years I have taken my student to a variety of theatrical performances.*

October: We are so excited in my classroom.

November: Is this not the coolest thing you have seen?

December: The entire idea of Web 2.0 is that the internet is the operating system, as in the you don't need software on your computer because everything you need is online, and users create the content... .*

*These two posts were "re-blogged" (posted by other bloggers), which happens fairly frequently to my posts, however these were exceptional because they were re-blogged on non-education, non-disability related blogs.

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