Thursday, January 3, 2008

Buyer Beware

Yesterday I noticed a few different fidget toys in the one dollar section found just inside every Target store. My classroom goes through such toys at an alarming rate. We seem to lose them in the community and to fatal (to the toy) biting incidents regularly. Therefore I was excited to find "marble balls" (you know those stretchy balls with smaller hard balls inside) and some"porcupine puffer" balls (those stretchy silicon-esqe balls with the spikes on them). I bought one of each.

I left the balls in the car overnight (where they undoubtedly froze) and opened them up today when I went into work to take down the holiday decorations and re-arrange the classroom. (Our district doesn't go back until Monday.) To my disgust the "porcupine puffer" ball was coated with a thick, viscous oily substance that smelled like home heating oil/petroleum/gasoline. (Which may be because it froze?)

Target gave me my money (two bucks) back, but would not really say anything about the nasty oily stuff.

These toys are in mesh plastic bags inside cellophane bags with cardboard tags. They are labeled "Light Up Marble Ball" and "Blow Up Inflatable Ball". The tag says they are made in China. I would suggest avoiding purchasing these toys.

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