Sunday, January 27, 2008

Touch Screens

Touch Screens are all the rage in computers, cellphones and MP3 players right now, but we have been using them in our field for more than a decade. In fact for many of us, our problem is usually getting our old ornery touch screens to work when we upgrade our hard drive or software. This link explains how touch screen work. Often times the reason why the touch screen will not work is a conflict with the driver or software that connects the touch screen to the operating system. Here are links to the most popular touch screen makers for computers (both add-on and integrated) where you can download a driver (special software) that will most likely make your touch screen work again (uninstall the old driver first and be sure you are down loading the correct driver).

The most common is probably Magic Touch/Keytec:
Other brands include:
Or you can go to Touchscreens.Com or Vartech which have compiled all of the drivers on one site.



    This is a great site to use with a touch screen. My students with Autism loved it on the Smart Board.


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