Monday, January 28, 2008

Mayer-Johnson is Cool!

Some time ago, maybe November, I used the request a symbol feature on the Mayer-Johnson website and suggested a number of oral motor and sensory integration related picture communication symbols. (Just yesterday I suggested each step in the task analysis on donning a winter coat.) Today I received an e-mail thanking me for my suggestions with an attachment of a whole lot of PCS symbols including:
  • oral motor
  • chewy tube
  • grabber
  • chew hand
  • don't chew hand
  • chew shirt
  • don't chew shirt
  • keep tongue in mouth
  • mesh feeder
  • night guard
  • massage brush
  • pressure brush
  • sensory integration
  • sour candy
  • sour spray candy
  • TMJ pain
Now that I think about it I created that list by typing in all of the items I received from my first Donors Choose grant and the reasons why I wanted those items (i.e. shirt chewing). I am assuming these symbols will all be in the next Boardmaker addendum. I am also assuming some one from Mayer-Johnson will comment if I am wrong.

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  1. You're right - these symbols will appear in a future addendum. Unfortunately, the soon-to-be-released 2008 PCS Addendum had already been finalized before these symbols were generated. Since we have to stop adding symbols several months before a new addendum is released (mainly to allow time for translating the labels into 40+ languages), I'm afraid that these symbols won't appear until a subsequent addendum.

    Greg Lesher
    Director of Research & Development
    Mayer-Johnson LLC


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