Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Click-N-Type Virtual Keyboard Updated

Hi all,

Today I had an e-mail from LakeFolks Software saying the free onscreen keyboard application, Click-N-Type, I reviewed in June has been updated for Vista and had a number of other improvements as well.

FYI Click -N-Type has the following:
  • multiple keyboard layouts (QWERT, DVORAK, ABC, and many more including one I designed for joystick use)
  • free CNT Keyboard Design software
  • upper/lower case key faces
  • colored keyboard or keys
  • transparent display
  • minimizes to system tray
  • customizable word prediction, includes dictionary
  • works with Joy-to-Key use with off the shelf joysticks
  • works with CameraMouse free headtracker program
  • built in dwell feature (auto-click)
  • works with free Point-N-Click software if needed
  • customizable macros
  • typing sounds (key name, macro or typing sound effect)
  • speak all text setting
  • scanning options
  • use Click-N-Type to send commands to the desktop
  • auto typing
  • 37 languages
Adaptable for cognitive disabilities (see my previous post).

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  1. Always good to know about another alternative pencil resource. Thanks!


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