Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Free Book for Students

A typical Barnes & Noble bookstore.Image via WikipediaIf you teach students ages 6 to 13 or so you might want to encourage them to participate in Barnes and Nobles new summer reading program, Summer Reading with Andrew Clements. Students can get a free book from a list of exceptional paperbacks for children when they submit a completed reading journal.

Here is a link to an adapted reading journal using picture symbols students could fill out using labels (with or without pictures) pre-printed either by a student using a program like Classroom Suite to "type" and then printed onto sticker paper or pre-printed by a parent or teacher. This alternative jounral could be submitted attached to a copy of the journal filled in by the teacher or a parent (to give non-readers/non-writers or alternative readers/writers) some ownership of filling out the form.

In other, similar programs and contests many store managers will let older special needs student participate or compete at their ability level or using adaptations (book on tape, screen reader, adapted texts). Usually this is up to the local store manager, so go ahead and ask if your older students can participate. It can't hurt.

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