Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Web 2.0 and more

Today was part three of my four part course on Higher Incidence Learning Disabilities, Universal Design For Learning and Free Assistive Technology and our first day in the computer lab. (You can find all our hand outs on SlideShare here and here and all of our links on Del.icio.us.)

Of all the links I shared with the group today the best received were:
  • Dipity for Timelines with planned use in literature, history and science
  • Voicethread for multimedia presentations with planned use in all subjects, but the most excited teacher planned to use it to with her art class as a way to have her students share their projects with their sister class in Japan (other teachers were excited to use for authentic reading and math assessment)
  • Bubbl.us for mind maps with planned use in multiple subjects in the upper grades one teacher commented, "imagine doing that in Word? No way!"
  • Class Timer for, well, timing things, with planned use to aid transitions and time tests
  • Exploratree Graphic Organizers with planned use in almost all subjects
Note: We haven't got to Jott, Tumblr and other microblogs, Animoto, and Qipit and Scanr yet.

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