Saturday, May 24, 2008

Wish Granting

Walt Disney World, a major tourist attraction in Central Florida.Image via WikipediaChildren
  • Dream Factory ages 3-18, critical or chronic illness documented by physician, referred by physician or parent, child must be able to somehow communicate dream, no vehicles or weapons, USA
  • Children's Wish Foundation International ages 3-18, with a life threating disease, anyone can refer, for children under 3 or those who cannot communicate or comprehend a wish there is the Young Mind program, INT
  • Kids Wish Network 3-18, with a life threatening disease, be able to communicate their own wish, no other wish through another agency, USA
  • Make A Wish Foundation this is the one everyone has heard of, 2 and a half - 18 at time of referral, no other wishes, referred medical personnel, parent or self, express own wish somehow, INT
  • Chef David Kid's Chef David has survived 5 kinds of cancer and focuses on granting small (compared to cruises and trips to Disney World) wishes to kids (and the occasional adult) with life threatening diseases or who have survived violence, INT
  • Sunshine Foundation ages 3-18, seriously ill, physically, multiply or severely cognitively disabled, or abused children, income under $75,000, referred by parent or legal guardian, no other wishes, USA
  • A Special Wish Foundation ages birth through age 20, diagnosed with a life threatening disorder
  • Fairy Godmother Foundation terminally ill adult (18+, less than a year to live), must be able to communicate and comprehend wish that is their own desire, first wish granted through such an agency, must be safe, legal and not all travel expenses can be covered, USA
  • Dream Foundation terminally ill adult (less than a year to live), 18+, limited financial resources, no cash, property, vehicles, home renovations, travel outside the USA, must communicate own wish (no mention of previous wishes)
  • Her Hearts Wish women, age 18+, less than two years to live, no previous wish, must communicate own wish, no property, cash or vehicles
Other Programs
  • Deliver the Dream offers retreats for families facing various acute or chronic diseases or disabilities in children or adults
  • Give the Kids The World gives trips to central Florida/Disney World, ages 3-18, diagnosed with life threating illness, must work through cooperating wish granting agency
  • Believe in Tomorrow offers retreats for families with sick children and adventures for children with life threatening illnesses (like skydiving and bull riding)

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