Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Piki Kids Blew It

International Symbol of AccessImage via WikipediaDear Piki Kids Creators,

I hate to tell you this, but you blew it. Really blew it. I am a technology specialist (and a special education teacher) and today I was teaching 27 educators about ways to use technology to promote universal design for learning. One of the ways I was suggesting they do this was by using online comic creation tools, like Piki Kids, to have students summarize materials or to teach social skills. Unfortunately when I logged on and your site glowed onto my giant screen there was the giant word "retards". What were you thinking? How could you possibly think it was alright to feature a comic that used this offensive and belittling slang word for a person with a cognitive disability as your "coolest comic"?

Needless to say there are now 27 teachers, plus me, who will not be using Piki Kids. And I am posting this letter to you on my special education blog, as a warning to other special needs teachers to stay away from your offensive web site. Like I said, you blew it.


Kate Ahern

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