Friday, May 9, 2008

Website of the Day: Sitris Online AAC for Phone Calls

Sitris is web 2.0 application that may be useful for those with speech disorders. Essentially Sitris is a web based AAC system that allows users to pre-program phrases and/or use text-to-speech to communicate on the phone. The concept behind Sitris is to offer AAC to those who do not need an AAC device but have problems being understood on the phone. As the system is text based it may be limiting to users with cognitive impairment in addition to speech issues, but users may be able to memorize which buttons to click by location or sight words.

Sitris also allows AAC device users to access there services via the web on their device, use their device to program phrases into Sitris and then Sitris to make their phone calls. This seems a little over-the-top for most AAC users as they can likely already use their device to access various forms of telecommunications, but perhaps there are possibilities I am not seeing.

Sitris offers 50 free minutes through a trial account with registration. After that the cost is $9.95 for 100 minutes (in the US for US calls). Sitris is not recommended for 911 calls.

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