Thursday, May 15, 2008

Jenna and Sarah's Quick Glances

Sarah has multiple disabilities from stroke. This video shows her using a Quick Glance system (with The Grid software; Dynavox 5 Software and Boardmaker SDP also available on the Quick Glance/Eye Tech SGD) to communicate. The device shown is now available smaller and with more portability. However the device costs about the same as a Dynavox or PRC plus the cost of the eye gaze controller which is slightly more than the device itself. Let's hope these prices come down!

Jenna has Spinal Muscular Atrophy. This video shows her using the Quick Glance 3 by Eye Tech to paint a picture using eye movement only. You can't see Jenna, but you can see her paint and hear her mom chat with her. Very cool.

See more videos of Jenna.

Please note that the Quick Glance eye gaze controller cannot be added to any current AAC device on the market. The competitor to the Quick Glance is the Tobii, but it does not allow the head and body movements that the Quick Glance does and does not interact with off the shelf software as well as the Quick Glance. (I know because I have tried them both.)


  1. I believe the comment about Tobii's eye-tracker was made in error. The eye-tracker featured is the MyTobii D10. In fact the MyTobii D10 and P10 allows for the most head and trunk movement of any system for people with disabilities. For a good comparison of eye-tracking technology I encourage you to visit the COGAIN website (

  2. In my personal experience the Quick Glance does a better job than the Tobii with extraneous body movements. My post was not in error, but it was an opinion, I welcome the opinions of others.

    COGAIN lists the TOBII as tolerating head movements as "Large movements (>20cm). 30 x 15 x 20 cm" and the Quick Glance as "Depends on the model, from 4*4 cm to 10*10 cm". However it lists which version of the TOBII it is testing (D10, D10and does not list which version of the Quick Glance it is testing, so it is likely testing the original Quick Glance and not the Quick Glance 3.

    I literally sat and moved my body all over the place while eye tracking using both the TOBII and the Quick Glance and the Quick Glance out performed the TOBII. In addition we have a youngster with severe athetoid movements on the Quick Glance with great success whose movements are well outside the measurements above for the TOBII.

    However, as with any AAC or Assisitive Technology the device must be chosen for the user.


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