Thursday, September 24, 2009

Internet Safety and Individuals with Disabilities

Childnet Know IT All is a UK company that provides resources for teaching all learners how to have a safe an positive experience on the internet FOR FREE. Lucky for us when Childnet says all they mean all. Childnet has a number of resources for teaching learners with exceptionalities about the internet and internet safety.

Their website explains some of the risks for some users, for example individuals on the autism spectrum may take things literally and believe that if they are asked for personal information they must give it out. In order to assist in using their Know IT All curriculum with individuals with special needs Childnet offers a number of additional free resources.

These include computer rules in British Sign Language, advice for parents in BSL, computer safety rules in Widgit Literacy Symbols, relevant Widget symbol flash cards and lotto games, safety rules and games in Clicker 5, text files of the script of the program, and visual print outs of the script.

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  1. Thanks for finding this link .It is good when a site includes students with special needs


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