Friday, September 18, 2009

Some Interactive Story Sites

  • Myths and Legends is a website dedicated to the tales of the British Isles. There are thirty plus stories here which are read aloud while a picture with animation is also shown on the screen. You can set the narration to auto or turn auto off and place the mouse arrow over next page and put a switch user in control. (The site also contains teacher resources and a story creator program.)
  • Rockford's Rock Opera is an interactive, beautiful, audiobook you watch as on the screen as it plays. It is about a dog named Rockford and his adventures as he learns about ecology. The first chapter is free. It was created, in part, by the World Wildlife Fund.
  • Europe of Tales is a site which shares stories from all around Europe. This site is interactive but is NOT narrated (though a teacher could read aloud the content).
  • FableVision has a variety of telefables and audiostories.

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  1. Regarding the excellent Rockford's Rock Opera. It's actually the whole of PART one which is free - nearly an hour of story (there are three parts in all).

    Wonderful stuff with so much to explore.


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