Monday, September 28, 2009

Unique Learning System October 2009 - EcoSystems

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This is based on the Middle School level, your level may be different.

Topics Covered in This Unit
Migration, Dressing for the Weather, Seasons, Biomes (Tundra, Deciduous Forest, Grassland, Desert and Taiga), Crops by Biome, The Eagle: Our National Emblem, Terrariums, Plants and Animals of My State, Food Chains, How Rivers are Made, Little House on the Prairie Time Line

Check out the great links about Biomes at the Missouri Botanical Gardens.

Online Activities
ScienceEnglish/Language Arts
Social Studies

Arts and Crafts

Adapted P.E./Fitness
  • dress for the weather relay race



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  1. Kate... DId you see that unique has a layout for it's curriculum under it's ULS tools. Monthly Plan's. I just found it the other day. Not sure if you had found it yet.
    Have a great day and thanks for all the great resources!


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