Saturday, September 19, 2009

Show Before You Go

One of the things our classroom is working very hard on is integrating use of our visual schedules or calendar boxes. We are trying to adopt the motto of, "Show Before You Go." Since all of our students are dependent, on some level, for mobility within and outside the classroom, we decided that the adult who physically assists the student in moving from one activity to the next is the person who is responsible for carrying out the use of the visual schedule or calendar box.

This seems like a minor point, which adult should demonstrate the visual schedule/calendar box during the transition, but it is not. Our classroom staff works well as a team and we are generally able to move from one activity to the next and incorporate all of the little "between activity" things that need to happen (like removing leg braces, reclining a wheelchair or toileting) without much discussion; yet that was creating as one staff put it a, "too many cooks spoils the soup" situation. We never knew if, when or who had enacted the system. Now that we are clear that who ever physically assists the student to the next area is in charge this is simplified.

What small, but infinitely important things have you and your staff implemented to help in making the day go more smoothly?

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