Sunday, September 13, 2009

Some Stories from the Start of School

Less than a day after a student is upgraded from a Go Talk 9+ to a Go Talk 20+ the teacher and a therapist encourage a student to scoot a chair back, the student does so and is given much praise, looks up and spontaneously presses, "I am great!" on the new speech device.

Teacher and student are leaving the main office, having finished their errand. The student steps (accidentally) on the teachers foot and says, "Ow!" The teacher laughs and says, "You stepped on my foot and you said 'ow'?" The student laughs. A passing instructional assistant says, "That's just a verbal cue to remind you what to say!"

Student (using high tech AAC) requests a particular Barney toy. The teacher, with a lilt of humor in her voice and her hand banging the table says, "There are no purple dinosaurs in high school!" The student smiles and repeats the request. The teacher repeats the reply. This continues back and forth for some time until the teacher records her reply onto a Step-by-Step and allows another student to answer the repeated request. Later in the day the high tech AAC user leaves for a walk outdoors with another class and then returns only to have the Step-by-Step user greet him with, "There are no purple dinosaurs in high school!" The paraprofessional pushing the high tech AAC user's wheelchair jumps in and says, "Oh, my nothing has changed in here since we left! Can you believe that?"

Students are gathered around for morning meeting, which ends with a Video of the Day (VOD) on the big screen. A student makes a request for a certain song and the teacher clicks on it and the video starts. The teacher comments, "Oh my, now I see why you wanted this video, those are some pretty ladies!" Without missing a beat the student blows a huge kiss to the screen.


  1. These are great!!! The kids we teach have some of the best senses of humor!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love these stories :). We are so blessed to be teaching this population!


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