Thursday, November 19, 2009

Healing Hiatus

Long Version of Story:
In what has to be one of the most bizarre things to happen to me yet last night I was mauled in the left hand (at the base of my thumb mostly) by this neighborhood stray cat I pet frequently.  If you have never been bitten, forget mauled, by an animal let me give some news, it hurts. 

I drove myself, in my pjs (since I had run down to put out the trash in my pjs) to the ER with my hand wrapped in some blood soaked gauze.   Treatment started with a wash of the bites (there are about eleven of them) and a hand soak in a betadine solution.  Since the feline in question was both unknown to me and whereabouts unknown I was treated immediately for both possible bacterial infections and rabies. Yup, rabies.  Forget what you learned on Different Strokes, the injections were not in my stomach.  Ten injections of Rabies Immunoglobin were given into my backside, thighs, upper arms and into the wounds.  Then the first of five rabies vaccines was given DIRECTLY INTO THE WOUNDS, that would be along my thumb joint.  The vaccine is about the thickness of corn syrup and it was took multiple "sticks" to get it all into the swollen and unyielding joint area.  Then I was given a tetanus shot.  I also had two IV drips of anti-biotics.  Nausea inducing anti-biotics.  Finally I was bandaged, given the dates for my future returns to the ER for more rabies vaccinations, and told that at my third visit I will be sent to see a surgeon if I am still unable move my thumb.  My good hand full of prescriptions and a note to return to work I headed home, it was about 3:30 AM.

Touch typing is impossible, so I have done this via one handed hunt and peck.  I am exhausted from the medications and nauseous from the anti-biotics.  Thus,

Short Verion of the Story:

I am taking a blog hiatus to recover.  I plan to return either after Thanksgiving or after my last rabies vaccine injection (12/17) when ever I feel the closest to "myself" again.



  1. I suspect that you'll have a tough time taking it easy while you heal, but please try Kate! What an awful ordeal. For the record, and as a point of interest, while we were growing up in India, my brothers (twins a year younger than me) came in contact with a rabid dog. The shots they received really were in the stomach!


  2. Oh, Kate. What a nightmare. I gotta tsk tsk as a cat-hater by nature (and by allergies).

    You know, without a doubt, that you will be missed here. We're hoping for a smooth recovery.

    Hang in.

  3. My sympathies.

    I had a somewhat similar dominant-hand injury from a horse bite (I'm an experienced horse handler -- I was holding the horse while the horse's injuries were being treated by a veterinarian). No rabies injections, though.

    Given that you had not only the cat-bite trauma but the rabies-vaccine trauma to a hand joint, I'd strongly advise you to schedule a consultation with a hand surgeon or a physical therapy practice specializing in hand injuries, even if you have to pay for it out of pocket.

    Now. Like tomorrow. They may be able to give you advice about appropriate care of the wound and the hand to prevent future problems.

    The hand surgeon I consulted gave me a therapy regimen that left me with the full use of my hand and no scarring or residual damage.

  4. OUCH! You poor thing. Will be thinking goog and healing thoughts for you. Yes, please do as Liz suggests. I had a horrible wrist injury many years ago and did not follow up sufficiently or early enough; I have permanent difficulties with one hand and wrist as a result. Not debilitating but weak and frequently painful; it slows me down sometimes.

  5. I am so sorry, Kate. Prayers for a rapid and full recovery. You will be missed.

  6. So very sorry for your misfortune. I will look forward to your return. You have provided numerous resources for which I share with my sped staff!
    Prayers for healing coming your way!

  7. Just catching up on RSS and read this post. What a horrible ordeal, and it's not over. I hope you are recovering quicker than expected!
    Keep us posted.


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