Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Two Ways to Make Nintendo DS an AAC Device

DS Talker is an older free program by the people who bring us the Sclera Symbol set that runs on a Nintendo DS. Tap to Talk is a newer program for the Nintendo DSi or DS Lite that retails for a subscription of $99.95 a year. Both program are dynamic display.

As it is free you will need to do some work to get the DS Talker working. The program is in German, but the English manual explains in detail how to make it work in English. (Although a techie friend or gamer 17 year old is likely to make it work the fastest.) The program uses the free white on black Sclera Pictos.

Tap To Talk include the software for the DSi or DSLite and a web based application to program boards as well as clipart symbols. Other symbol sets can be used if converted to .bmp format. You can play with the application before you buy it with an online emulator.

Having played with DS Talker and watched the Tap to Talk videos the programs see to run in nearly identical ways.

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  1. Wow! This is such a great idea and SO exciting -- thanks for the information & links! I'm off to investigate...


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