Thursday, November 19, 2009

I am this many! Happy Blog Birthday!

Today marks the third birthday of Teaching Learners with Multiple Special Needs! Whoo-whooo!

What started out as a way for this special education teacher to give back (and keep busy during recovery from ankle surgery) has turned into something much, much bigger. Approaching 1,000 posts, 130+ Google foll0wers, an average 850-1000 visitors a day, nearly 500 Google Reader subscribers (and who knows how many other RSS readers) and about 500,000 visits total since inception. Wow! Who knew?

There is also now an active TLWMSN Ning (online discussion group) and a Facebook Group.

If this blog has helped you this is your time to come out of the woodwork. Please comment and leave some blog birthday wishes!

Thanks, Kate Ahern, M.S.Ed., creator and author of the Teaching Learners with Multiple Special Needs Blog


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  2. Happy 3rd Birthday, TLWMSN Blog! Still a mouth full, and still an inspiring read! I make a point of checking your site everyday I can, and have learnt loads from your work and sharing nature. Thank you.

  3. I read every morning and share with my Life Skills teachers when I think there is something relevant to one of their students. Keep up the wonderful sharing of information! I would love to have your contact info for more specific questions.
    Darla--SLP in Ennis, Texas

  4. Happy birthday! I enjoy reading your blog!

  5. Happy birthday! I am not an educator of any kid, but LOVE this blog. Both my typical kid and my not so typical kid have enjoyed the fruits of your labor, Kate. And just like all parents who read, we wish our kid with differences was in YOUR classroom.

    Congratulations on the great success so far and keep on truckin'.

  6. Happy Birthday! Kate, this blog, and the Ning have been a lifesaver this year. I have used so many of the resources here with my class. It has improved our program and my teaching! This blog, and thereby you, provides the support that is lacking in my current place and the coworker I wish I had!

  7. I learn constantly from reading this blog. My student's benefit everyday from the information and resources gathered here. Thanks for being such a great support! Happy Birthday!

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  13. Thhaannkkkkk yoouuu! Please keep it up! :)


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