Sunday, November 8, 2009

Video of the Day Blog

Alicia at SMD Teacher has begun her own Video of the Day Blog, as a response to my Kate's Class Video of the Day Blog. I have to say Alicia's blog is fantastic, she involves her students in choosing the video and then posts the favorites, whereas I choose a video the night before to play at the end of Morning Meeting as a transition cue as we move into morning ADLs. Also Alicia does not use video's from YouTube, which will be a great gift to many of you with over zealous security blockers in school.

So check it out!


  1. Hi Kate! Thanks for posting about our VOD project. I'd love to see people commenting and/or voting on like/dislike so the kids can work on some more data interpretation skills. Plus they think the whole blog thing is pretty cool and like to comment on your.
    Also, a slight correction. I am using YouTube videos and they are embedded on the blog from YouTube. BUT it would be relatively easy for teachers to use a free converter like mediaconverter or zamzar to make them accessible to non-YouTube friendly schools.
    And my kids are always excited to see a new video added to your site. It has all gone a long ways to jazzing up our very repetitive morning meeting routine which has such important content learning that Miss Teacher can't bear to part with it. :-)

  2. Love this idea! Both you and Alicia have propelled me to a new place in regards to thinking about my morning meeting. I have now set things up to devide my group into younger and older students and am working with the older students on "teen culture" and communication types of things during morning meeting while my younger group works on the things that are traditionally done with younger students in morning circle time. Thank you so much for sharing :).


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