Thursday, November 5, 2009

"So Don't And See What Happens!"
Today my class read the super fantastic book, "So Don't and See What Happens!" by Sarah Lead. This book is great for so many reasons.

First of all it stars Madi, who communicates by Dynavox and travels by power wheelchair and her brother. What could be cooler than a book starring a character that uses a wheelchair and an AAC device?

Second it has a repeating line which is perfect for saying with talking switch, "So don't and see what happens!" It is very difficult to find books with repeating lines outside the "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" range of topics. (Here is a list of books with repeating lines.)

Which brings us to, third, the characters, theme and language are age appropriate for older students with multiple disabilities without being too complex (although differentiation is, as always, required).

Next the illustrations are just charming. We think the picture of Mady's brother's teeth is gross! We also love Madi being fed by her brother, as if it happens everyday, because it does!

Finally the topic, "so don't and see what happens", which is all about thinking about long term consequences, realizing your actions impact others and making choices that value health, safety, learning and relationships over fun and immediate gratification is very relevant to our students. Some students may be learning how to make simple financial decisions (if I spent two dollars on a soda now I cannot buy lunch later) or basic participation decisions (if I tantrum and refuse to work I will annoy both my teacher and my friends), but these all can be explored in the vein of, "so don't and see what happens".

Our class will re-read this book next week (and probably quite a few times after that). Following next week's reading we will make a book that has three pages, "Things I Need to Do", "Things I Like to Do" and "What Might Happen if I Don't Do What I Need to Do!". It should be fun and we will be able to tailor it to each student's particular need to think about "seeing what happens!"

"So Don't and See What Happens!" is sold by Cinnamon Freckles online and accepts PayPal. The cost is $15.00 CD.


  1. I enjoyed reading your comments regarding "So Don't and See What Happens". As a speech pathologist that has worked with middle/high school students with severe multiple impairments, it is very difficult to find age appropriate materials that motivate students. Seeing how you were able to utilize the repeating reply on the Dynavox was a great way to make for a successful communicative exchange for your student with their peers and teachers. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas. Gregory Jacoby

  2. Have been thinking about making a book on 1) different ways that Autistic people are and 2) with some characters who use AAC for my niece, as I am on the higher functioning level myself, as his her great grand mother, and several of my sister's friends have kids of various types of functioning. I was wondering if you know of more books (picture books) that feature AAC users?


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