Wednesday, February 13, 2008

By request: things to do with an interactive white board in our classrooms

Learners at the sensory awareness level (and learners at all levels):
  • play music (or audiobooks) using Songbird, iTunes or Windows Media with the visualization going on screen
  • show movies or movie clips on your interactive whiteboard using the computers DVD player
  • use a text to speech program to have the computer read books aloud to the class during down time, be sure to use one that highlights each word as it is read and encourages reading along
Learners at the cause and effect level:
  • use the free music videos at Priory Woods and the interactive white board as an enormous switch (unless your user needs a particular switch, then the screen is still great as a giant screen)
  • use the games at Hiyah and the screen as the switch
  • use a switch based music player such as one created with Classroom Suite or My Media Player and the entire screen as the switch
  • use any commercial switch or touch screen software and the screen as the switch
Learners at the basic skills/emerging communication level:
  • use Boardmaker Plus or Boardmaker SDP, Clicker or Classroom Suite to create a Calendar Program (or download on from the sharing websites) and replace your chart with your interactive white board.
  • use any drag and drop program and allow your students to move there whole bodies to participate
  • make an enormous interactive word wall (with Boardmaker Plus/SPD, Clicker or Classroom Suite) with picture symbols and words that says the word and definition when the word and picture is touched
  • use the interactive white board through out the day for choice making (again with Boardmaker SDP/Plus, Clicker or Classroom Suite) by having boards ready for all of the possible choices i.e. instruments for music, kinds of drinks for snack, break time activities, colors. Then you can have direct selectors touch the white board and set the computer to scan and have scanners just touch the white board any where when the white board scans to what he or she wants
  • use any basic skills, art, or other software on the interactive white board - be creative
Fun Websites to Use:
Articles about using an interactive whiteboard:

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