Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Chat PC 4

The Chat PC 4 (and the Chat PC 4+ for literate communicators) has finally been released, and since the Chat PC 3 was a miserable device (at least in my personal experience) I am hoping that this beautiful new device brings the Chat PC back to its glory days of the Chat PC and the Chat PC 2, both of which I have had extensive experience programming and teaching students to use. My complaints with the Chat PC and Chat PC 2 were they were a bit fragile and that they were difficult to mount on wheelchairs, issues that seem to be resolved in the four. The colors are pretty too, as long as you like blue or black. I really, really, really hope they have resolved the horrible issues with transferring files from the Chat PC 2 to the 3, which is why we consistently told parents not to do that. Perhaps a Saltillo rep will comment and tell us how easy or hard it is to go from a Chat PC2 or 3 to a Chat PC4. That would be nice and would show the same level of responsiveness as Mayer-Johnson, Dynavox and PRC.

Here is the Saltillo website write up:

ChatPC-4 combines the newest developments in electronics with powerful language capabilities. The original ChatPC was introduced in 2000 and soon became the most widely used PDA-based communication device available. Saltillo is happy to introduce the ChatPC-4, the latest model in this versatile line of products. The ChatPC-4 builds upon the features that have made previous versions of this product so valuable, but includes many new enhancements that make it even more useful and powerful. Among the enhancements are powerful new vocabulary options, increased ruggedness and many new features that increase the flexibility and ease of use of this product.

The ChatPC, always known as a durable device, has become even more rugged in this latest model. The PDA integrated into the ChatPC-4 is a ruggedized, industrial computer, covered by a rubberized housing that offers additional protection to bumps, drops and accidents. The clear screen cover can serve as a stand when the ChatPC-4 is being used, and as a screen protector when being transported. The new case also has a convenient means of connecting to a wheelchair mounting system.

ChatPC-4 contains numerous features for adapting the vocabulary for the specific communication needs of the individual using the device. The Mayer Johnson PCS symbols and the Imagine symbols are included for customizing and creating your own pages. You can also use the included DestktopChat software to create pages and to import photos and other images from a computer. ChatPC-4 also contains pre-programmed starter vocabulary sets, which can save hours of setup time.

Another significant enhancement in ChatPC-4 is the integration of Loquendo speech synthesis. Loquendo has set the standard in the European Telecom community and is now available for the ChatPC. The Loquendo speech has a more natural sound in English and other languages. Simply by choosing different voices from a menu, the ChatPC-4 can speak English, French, or Spanish. DecTalk is also still available as an option for those who prefer the classic voice of ChatPC.

ChatPC-4 Features
-Software and hardware volume control
-On/off switch and auto power-down
-1 hour to several hours of recorded speech
-DecTalk or Loquendo synthesized speech
-The device is accessed by finger touch - no stylus required. (Note: a stylus is helpful for programming because of the small size of the controls).
-Rechargeable (Lithium-Ion) battery.
-Screen size: 3.5" (diagonal)
-12 month warranty
-Size: 2.1" x 3.5" x 6.4"
-Weight: 19 oz.

Brand New Features
In addition to the many features found on previous versions, ChatPC-4 offers many new features including:

-PalmChat, a word-based default vocabulary option that provides high-frequency core words in a 30 button page layout
-New button actions that provide word morphology
-An improved color display which is easy to read inside or outside – even in direct sunlight
-A powerful Casio palm-top computer
-An additional battery that doubles the battery life of the Casio
-All of the Casio features (stylus, connectors, control buttons) are accessible
-Now contains the Imagine symbol set in addition to the Mayer-Johnson PCS symbols

Customizing the ChatPC-4
ChatPC-4 includes many customizing capabilities that help you fine-tune the unit for the individual tastes and needs of the operator. The size, color, background and font of the keys can be customized for visual and cognitive perception. The touch-screen can be adjusted to meet the fine motor skills of the user. The messages and symbols on the keys can easily be changed.

The number of buttons on a page.
ChatPC has always allowed you to select the number of buttons on a page when you create the page. But what happens when the page is full and you still need to add a few buttons? ChatPC-4 allows you to easily change the layout of the page to add the extra buttons.

Reconfigurable keyboards
Spelling keyboard pages can now be created and modified to meet the access needs of each individual using the system.

DesktopChat Software
All customizing and programming can be done right on the ChatPC-4 itself. However, software is included which allows all of the editing and customizing to be performed on a Windows computer. The DesktopChat program also provides an easy means of importing photos and other graphics to be used as symbols on the ChatPC-4. Cables and instructions are included for downloading the vocabulary to the ChatPC-4.

Carrying Cases...
The carrying case for the ChatPC-4 is a canvas case with a clear window that allows the device to be accessed while in the case. The carrying case comes with both a shoulder strap and a waist belt. The ChatPC-4 is inserted upside down so that the individual can use one hand to bring the ChatPC-4 into position and make selections with the other hand.

Note: Medicare only funds communciation devices that cannot function as portable computers. If your funding source is Medicare or follows Medicare guidelines see ChatPC-D4+ in the Communication Devices section. The ChatPC-D4+ has all other computer functions disabled.

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