Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Follow Up on Dream Changes for Boardmaker 7

I know most folks don't follow the comments on this blog (because of how I have it set up, mostly). So I thought I would repost the Dream Changes for Boardmaker 7 Post with the Comments from readers and Mayer-Johnson and myself.

My Dream Changes for Boardmaker 7

  • automatically fit, align and justify text in buttons according to user settings
  • a setting to make all text the same pre-set font on a board
  • a setting to lock multiple images in a button so that swap and shuffle still works went you combine images into the same button
  • a menu bar item to automatically take you to Mayer-Johnson sharing and another to publish your board to Mayer-Johnson sharing (like in Clicker 5)
  • a point system that gives you rewards for publishing boards to Mayer-Johnson sharing (like Intellitools)
  • a symbol in the symbol finder that can be pasted on your board that adds the Mayer-Johnson Copyright to the board in the button shape/size/font that you select
  • a menu bar item that "pops out" one board for you to view in "fit to screen" size when you are making boards in a multiple board layout
  • integrated "Make a Face" and for added flare it could work from digital images of people turing into PCS images -- oh-la-la
  • a feature that alerts you when the new addendum comes out, lets you link to the MJ website, purchase the addendum, download and install and and have the CD follow in the mail
  • a way to designate ASL or SEE when using the sign addendums
  • menu bar item that allows you to set Symbolate to be primarily in PCS, Widgit, ASL or SEE (if you have those addendums)
  • worksheet templates in the templates folder including matching, spelling, cut and paste, tracing, scissors, and other basics
  • stay tuned for more...


Linda said...

The ability to rotate a symbol and the word with it so that you can mae folding items (like cards, etc.) would be great too.

geenen said...

Thanks for putting out these great suggestions. We’re always interested to hear what people want next that will make their lives easier and more productive.

I wanted to point out at least one thing that Boardmaker v6 can already do that was on your list. The swap buttons and shuffle buttons commands do work on buttons with multiple images as long as those buttons are the same size. Hopefully that’s helpful to you.

Also, you mentioned making the font all the same on a board. Right now, you are able to select all buttons on a board and change the font on all the buttons at one time. However, if you have text that is not on a button, you are not able to select that at the same time, so you have to do that separately.

When you are installing the sign language symbols, you can choose whether to install ASL or SEE. However, if you have them both installed, you are correct, there isn’t an easy way to choose between them. That’s a great suggestion.

Could you explain what you meant by a tool that would “pop out” one board. It kind of sounds like previewing what the board will look like in Use mode, but maybe I’m not understanding the idea.

Thanks again for the suggestions!

Bob Geenen
Director of Product Development

Kate said...

Thanks for listening to us, geenen, I am pretty sure you don't understand what I mean about multiple images and swap/shuffle. So try this. Make five or six button. Put two images in each button, for example book and clock, water and cup, walk and shoes, milk and straw, lotion and music. Now select all the button and shuffle. You will see that the pairs do not stay together. Very annoying.

What I mean by a "pop out" is when I am making multiple boards by changing the "print setup" to say, 32 by 32 inches, and I want to see just one board full size on my screen (so I don't spell something wrong or mess up the details) I have to go to view and then scroll to that board, which is hard on a laptop. It would be nice to hit something, a keyboard short cut, a menu button, and have the board I am looking at in miniature pop up larger automatically.

Also what I meant by text automatically adjusting is that in symbol finder I wish there was an "automatic" choice among the font choices that allowed made the title of the symbol fit in the button at the largest size without overspilling the sides of the button.

Thanks for taking our suggestions!

1 comment:

  1. What about the ability to put the text to the left or right of a picture to make long rectangular cards? I know I can manually move the text over but when I am making alot of cards it is time consuming to move all the text boxes over.


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