Tuesday, February 12, 2008

We want an interactive white board!

My class has a dream! (We actually have lots of dreams.) We want an interactive white board. We would love an interactive white board! It has been a rough year for us. We transferred to a barely handicapped accessible build and had many, many staff changes. We are hoping you want to help us out. Here is a link to our Donors Choose Grant to get an interactive white board!

Would you consider even giving us $20 of your tax refund?



  1. Hi again! I tried IMing you but my computer crashed on me before you could answer so I'll try here. Would love to know your ideas for using a smart board w/ your gang. I teach the same group at the middle school level. We have smart boards in our school but I guess I never really thought about how we'd be able to access them. Your thoughts and ideas would be appreciated.  Alicia in KS


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