Friday, February 22, 2008

The Plasma Screen and White Board Room

Here is a link to a fantastic page of activities and resources for what is called in the UK P-scales special needs students (P-scales is what in Massachusetts is awareness level of the curriculum, elsewhere it is called emerging level or cause and effect level). I have not yet explored all of the activities, but the ones I have are excellent. The site is called the Plasma Screen and White Board Room. If you don't have a Plasma Screen or White Board, a touch screen will do. The link only seems to be working if you get to it by going through the ttrb SEN site and then clicking on the link to the Plasma Screen and White Board Room at the bottom of the page.

The activities are designed to work on Power Point, Opus or SMART Notebook (viewers are available if you do not have the applications). The areas of the curriculum offered match the UK national curriculum (kind of like logging into the UK part of Learning Grids for Clicker 5). Some notes: RE is Religious Education, PMLD is Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (look here for cause and effect, scanning, social/sensory stories), Design and Technology often includes cookery, PSHE is personal, social and health education.

Take some time and explore some time and download some activities. Then upload some in return!


  1. Sorry the link to The Plasma Screen & Whiteboard Room didn't work. The URL is

    Sally Paveley


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