Friday, February 1, 2008

Mayer-Johnson New Products

The new Mayer-Johnson Catalog was in my mailbox today. The 2008 Boardmaker Addendum is out with 1300 new PCS for $29.00. Also finally a new version, or more acurately a totally new piece of software, to replace Writing with Symbols. It is called SymWriter.

Here is the write up from the web site:

Beginning readers and writers gain extensive literacy support through symbol usage, and more advanced students also benefit from the language support symbols provide. Teachers, parents and therapists can quickly and easily adapt written materials with symbols to create stories, sentence strips, directions, recipes, schedules, songs, poems, worksheets and more. Also create computer-based activities with voice output and symbol support, such as topical writing and sentence building, spelling and counting activities, assessments and cross-curricular exercises. Beginning writers or individuals who don’t recognize text can write with symbol support and benefit from speech feedback. Or, text users benefit from a talking word processing program. Communicate: SymWriter is the next generation of symbol-word processing, with Smart Symbolizing—parts of speech automatically symbolize correctly. Windows Vista compatible.

Widgit Literacy Symbols
Widgit Literacy Symbols (WLS) were designed and developed to support, improve and assist learners’ emerging literacy skills A strong schematic structure supports understanding. Many of the 8,000 symbols support curriculum topics such as math, science and history, helping with comprehension of new and difficult concepts.

Smart Symbolizing
SymWriter uses natural language processing to present the best symbol match based on parts of speech and the sentence structure.
Easy Creation of Grids for Writing
Encourage word building, composition and sentence construction with easily modified writing environments.

Easily place images in the composition with Graphics on the Page. Viewing thumbnails of available symbols aids comprehension and allows for quick replacement of symbols.

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