Sunday, August 24, 2008

Did you Jott?

If you did you probably know it isn't as free as it used to be. Jott is a speech to text application that works over the phone. It allows you to call in your text messages, e-mails, blog entries and more. Jott still has free portions, but now is out of beta testing and cost $4 a month for 15 second Jotts and more for longer Jotts.

Some of the things Jott was being used for in special education were quickly calling in qualitative and quantitative data to e-mail, allowing students to call in assignments to their e-mail so they don't forget them, allowing students to use it as a compensatory technique for memory issues (and using it youself this way) and much more.

Here are some other, similar services you can try if you liked Jott and still need something free:
  • Dial2Do is speech to text that is free and works with text message, twitter, jaiku, e-mail and a reminder list
  • ReQall is a service very similar to Dial2Do and Jott, free speech to text with delivery to voice, instant message, text message, e-mail as well as rss and various widgits
  • is unified messaging services, basically they provide you with a phone number and then e-mail you every voice mail and fax you recieve on that number, thus you could call yourself with your reminders, data, etc. and receive them via e-mail
  • Grand Central is another service intended to control your phone service, it give oyu a phone number that rings the phone of your choice when you get a call it also is a visual voicemail, it converts your voicemail from speech to text and emails it to you and it has many other features, run by Google it is in Beta right now
  • You Mail another service similar to above, but you use your own number
Phone Specific Services
  • Vlingo is a service for Blackberry users that voice enables most features on your phones including email and texts
  • Evernote is a service for iPhone users, it doesn't seem to be totally free (or maybe it is? I don't have an iPhone - could someone comment?) but it does seem to be what iPhone Jott users are switching to

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