Saturday, August 9, 2008

Name Stamps

Many of us use name stamps with student who cannot physically write there names (and many of us who cannot afford name stamps use one dollar labels from the dollar store pre-printed for sticking on papers). Now a company has gone a step further and is selling name stamps that are in a dotted font for tracing. You can choose all CAPS or mixed but sadly it is first name only (limited to nine letters).

Isn't that a great idea for pre-writers of all ages? I am sure special educators and OTs will be all over it. See it at The Little Stamp Company.

Don't worry non-writers aren't left out! The funky font series is perfect for them! There are eleven fonts to choose from and three colors.

All stamps are about $27.00 CA plus shipping. There is a sale write now for orders over $80.00 (great if you need to order stamps for your entire class or school.)


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  2. I hate to be the kind of person who holds a grudge so I will check out your blog again, but I deleted the link to your blog a year and a half or more ago after we had online "words" because IMHO I thought the SPED Law Blog was anti-teacher and that you expected good teachers to let the insults roll off their backs and assume that the jabs weren't at them. In over 500 posts you will not find a negative jab at parents or lawyers on my site, because it is not helpful to kids. If I find the same is true at SPED Law I will add a link.


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