Sunday, August 10, 2008

Precision Songs: ABA Music to Teach Functional Language

Precision Songs is a series of music recording and books/worksheets designed for students with autism and other developmental disabilities. The aim is to teach functional language through music. The song uses a method that involves repeating a pattern of language in order to illustrate a concept. Although some music is easily identified as children's or folk music (the Proud Song is The Ants Go Marching) many are not, however it is doubtful that this music will pass muster as age appropriate past elementary school. That being said I can see this music being an excellent resource in speech therapy and the classroom in early childhood and elementary settings.

Right now there is a half off sale on bundles (CD and books together).

Please note: Although nothing indicates the CDs/Books have religious content (except the obvious religious Sing to Show What I Believe) the website does contain religious links and the news letter has religious comments.

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