Thursday, August 7, 2008

G-Tube Clothes

This is a follow up to the blog entry Tube Feedings at School.

The following companies sell clothing for children and/or adults who use g-tubes for nutrition and/or hydration. You may want to share these sites with parents this upcoming school year.
One of my biggest pet peeves is undershirts under body jackets with no cutout for the g-tube in the undershirt. For this school year I have used those packets of iron on patches meant for worn out knees on pants (you can find them in the sewing notions section of discount stores and drug stores) and ironed them over the area where the g-tube if and then cut a hole (the patch is on the outside as to not be an irritant). This way if the student does not have on a shirt with a hole we can change to one when we put on the body jacket during the morning change. Nothing makes me crazier than a student who cannot fully participate because he or she cannot sit up straight because his or her body jacket has been removed for a feeding (and likely will not be put back on for some time if at all).


  1. Sweet Lemonade offers custom clothing for children with special needs.

  2. offers clothing for children with special needs. For children being tube fed, have monitors, leads, etc. check out our one piece outfits

  3. offers adorable non stigmatizing clothing for infants and children with an array of special needs. For the infant/child with tube feeding, leads, monitors, etc. please check out our one piece garments

  4. Inspired by Wrenn is a unique clothing line designed for children (Newborn babies, Infants, and Toddlers) with Central Lines, Gastrostomy Tubes (G-Tube, GJ-Tube, J-Tube), Ostomy bags, Heart Monitors, Trachs, IV tubing and post-surgical procedures specific to hospitals.

    Each combination romper keeps little fingers from tugging on tubing yet allows for easy access to doctors, nurses, home nurses, and parents while connecting/disconnecting infusions, feeds, and conducting blood draws or performing line maintenance.


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