Friday, August 8, 2008

I'm upset because... You can help me by...

As has been posted here before the team in our classroom at school has an extremely effective technique we used to address many negative behaviors. It is based on the idea that all behavior is communication. We teach our students to state how they feel, why, and what staff or peers can do to help them. Most of the students use high tech AAC for this, but this summer this lower tech AAC binder was created for one student and then changed in small ways and duplicated for other students. I will post to the Yahoo Boardmaker Group if anyone want to be able to change it in Boarmaker or download from Slideshare as a PDF to use as is.


  1. This is just what I've been looking for, thanks! It's a little high level for the kiddo I'm targetting but it gives me a place to start. Not even sure he can identify emotions at this point but it's far past time to move beyond hand biting (his own). Would love it if you'd post it to the Yahoo group.

  2. I have a kiddo who hand bites as well and this book is too high for him. We use social scripting and the cue "be nice to your hand" with him. The functional analysis shows he hand bites when, a) it is too loud, b) the routine is drastically different c) he is in pain so we have worked for years on communicating: "Too Loud!", "I don't like this!" and "Ow! It hurts!"

    Now if it looks like he is going to hand bite he redirect with, "tell me what's wrong" and he usually does. Then we say "be nice to your hand" and he kisses it!

    He has times when he regresses, but it usually means there is a new trigger other than the big three (noise, change in routine, pain) like the time he got a new pain and didn't sleep for four days.


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