Monday, August 25, 2008

Sites of the Day

Here are two sites to check out for back to school. I recommend getting a mini portable external hard drive or a very high capacity flash drive and filling them up with the worksheets and activities from these sites and others, all the boards from the Yahoo Boardmaker Group and anything else you may you from year to year, setting to setting.

  • Kidz Club Learning Resources has a variety of seasonal, reading, math and basic concept PDF worksheets and activity ideas, download to your drive for last minute lessons and time fillers
  • Therasimplicity is created to be a paid online boardmaker replacement for speech and occupational therapists, however it has a variety of hand outs, worksheets and games that are useful for the special education teacher. A thirty day trial membership is plenty of time to explore the site, see if you want to sign up and download any handouts, worksheets or activities you may wish to keep on hand on your hard drive.
  • SuperDuper is one of my favorite companies and they provide samples of many of their products in PDF format, i.e. this summer I didn't send my students favorite game, All About Me, All About You to ESY, but I was about to download the questions from the game from the SuperDuper site and the ESY teacher was able to use them. They also have an extensive handouts section.
  • SEN Teacher if you haven't been here in awhile SEN Teacher has some new printables for downloading and printing with no need to differentiate or make age appropriate or our kids
  • TSL Books This site has worksheets, activities, crafts and puzzles for grades Pre-5 all free

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