Monday, January 5, 2009

Mrs. Riley

There is a new Web 2.0 application on the block and this one is just for us! Mrs. Riley It's In the Cards is a communication card/board building application that is totally online. It combines photo symbols, picture symbols and text symbols in grid layouts of various sizes and configurations.

Currently Mrs. Riley's It's In the Cards is in free public beta. You can try it without registering, but will need to register to save or print. I have never seen a more intuitive, easier interface for a communication board software. It beats Boardmaker, Overboard and PhotoSYMS hands down as far as simplicity. Of course what you gain in simplicity you loose in flexibility - at least compared to Boardmaker. If nothing else let this be the next step in the revolution for SPED applications coming to Web 2.0 (I am giving Write Online credit for being first.) I would say that if, once out of free public beta, this site keeps the price down there may be an awful lot of us who subscribe.

This site is definately worth trying out.

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