Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Proluquo2Go - AAC on an iPod Touch or iPhone

Sam Sennott and Assisitiveware have announced a new product in various Assisitive Technology Listservs and at the BETT conference. Proloquo2Go is like the
Proloquo software for Macs but is designed to run on an iPhone or iPod Touch. Proloquo2Go is in its second beta testing and will be showcased at CSUN. The device will use Acapela's new iPhone text-to-speech voices.

This is an exciting break through for those who are resistant to looking different by using AAC and for those who just want a tiny, handheld AAC device.

This is from Sam's announcement:

Proloquo2Go is the name of the application and it is pronounced:
  • Pro as in program.
  • lo as in low.
  • quo as in quote.
  • 2 as in two
  • Go as in go to the store.
  • It is Latin for speak out.
Proloquo2Go: Communication on the Go

Assistiveware also announced improvements to many of their other applications and a new text-to-speech reading solution for those with reading disabilities called GhostWriter. Many of these are designed to work well with Axiotron's Modbook (Mac tablet).

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  1. Which assistive technology listserves would those be? I should probably join some!


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