Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Music Video of the Day

Since the dawn of an LCD projector connected to an internet enabled computer in my classroom (for which I am eternally grateful) we have evolved into watching one or two music videos on Google video per day. It started with Christmas songs, one of my students loves Christmas music year round and I was happy to oblige in December. Now we showcase a different music video or two everyday. The teaching assistants and the I make an effort to showcase all different kinds of music. We have been surprised to find out which students are responsive to classic Johnny Cash (with animated stick figures) versus Elton John singing Crocodile Rock on the Muppet Show versus Twisted Sister performing We're Not Gonna Take It.

During this evolution to daily morning meeting music videos I have developed the following list of educational purposes in showing the videos:

  • introduction of age appropriate music
  • introduction of an age appropriate leisure activity (you don't get more "teen" than watching music videos)
  • the linking certain music to certain lessons we will study later in the day (We Shall Overcome for Martin Luther King Day)
  • creation of cultural currency
  • use of the videos to teach identification of emotions (and communication of those feelings)
  • use of the videos to teach identification of like/dislike (and communication of like/dislike)
  • use of music as a transition support for moving from a group activity (morning meeting) to our most intensive individual work of the day
and of course, most of all, music for the sake of music!


  1. Hmmm - lots of adjectives come to mind too - with music I've used loud for loud and dissonant - and the relaxing music icon is good. But - the Mayer Johnson symbol for "bad hair day" was the first thing that came to my mind with Twisted Sister - Ha!


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